Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comparison Post - Fall Hues!

Fall is here!  The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, the sun never comes out...and it's time for some autumnal manicures.  Seriously, it's a miracle I have sunlit pictures today.  I need to make a lightbox.

Today I'm comparing coppery and brown foils/metallics.  I found five in my collection worth comparing.  From pinky to thumb, they are: OPI DS Glow, Sally Hansen Magnetic Golden Conduct, Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost, China Glaze Harvest Moon, and Sonia Kashuk Two Cent.  The result is actually a pretty cute fall manicure that almost helps me feel at peace with summer's departure.

Please read on for more close up pictures and thoughts on each polish!

In a rare moment of whimsy, the sun decided to show itself for about five minutes, and I snapped this picture in desperation.  As you can see, the closest dupes to each other are Sonia Kashuk Two Cent and China Glaze Harvest Moon.  Harvest Moon is a bit more yellow than Two Cent, which has a ruddier, more copper-toned tint.  Both gorgeous polishes that go on brushstroke free and barely need two coats.

Ghost and Golden Conduct are also pretty close - the difference being that the Sally Hansen polish is magnetic, but you can always choose to forgo that step and just wear the polish as is.  Even un-magnetized, Golden Conduct has more shimmers and is a bit lighter and more golden than Ghost.  Ghost is a richer, smoother bronze that needs only one coat.  Still, the base colors are close, and if you can't find or afford the Rescue Beauty Lounge polish, Golden Conduct is a nice alternative.  Application-wise, Ghost is superior to Golden Conduct's rather thick and brush-strokey formula.

Couldn't get my thumb in this shot, but as you can see, DS Glow is different from all of them.  It has a shimmery copper hue like Harvest Moon and Two Cent, but it has a more "glittery" finish, and has a handful of deep, reddish-gold shimmer speckled throughout the brighter copper base.  Decent formula on this one, but it required two coats and wasn't as pigmented as the rest.

Some more close ups!

All these colors remind me of the many different hues of autumn leaves as they tumble together on the ground.  I hope everyone is enjoying the colder weather!  I like it, though I dread the approach of my first real Canadian winter.  For those of you who live in permanently warm climates, fyi - I am legit jealous.

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  1. Such an awesome mix of shades! I gravitate towards the more orangey hues so I am digging Harvest Moon the most. Your hand looks like a chic shiny leaf pile :)