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Zoya Gloss Collection - NYFW 2012

Hi everyone!  I know I haven't posted in awhile, but there's a reason for that...my brother got married!  I am in the states at the moment visiting my family and celebrating the occasion.  Pretty weird to think that we're grown ups now.  But anyway, that's where I've been - it's so nice to have access to Ulta and Target again - I really need to do a Sonia Kashuk post soon.

I'm going to review the Zoya Gloss collection today.  Please forgive the ragged cuticles - my environment is not ideal for nail painting and care, as most of my stuff is at home in Canada!

So, the collection is Zoya Gloss, and it consists of 3 very sheer jelly polishes:

Katherine - a raisiny, vampy color
Frida - a teal blue
Paloma - a berry pink

These are my very first Zoya polishes, by the way.  So far I am loving the brush - it's bigger than normal brushes, but isn't a ridiculously wide paddle like the SH Insta-Dry brush.  It's somewhere in between OPI's pro-wide brush and Essie's annoyingly tiny brush.

Read on for more pictures (including a unique layering idea!) and my thoughts.

The Zoya Gloss jellies are very sheer, but very buildable.  Here's one coat of each color:

One coat of Frida
One coat of Katherine
One coat of Paloma

As you can see, these polishes are VERY sheer and just a bit streaky at one coat - Paloma is the most pigmented.  These are the perfect polishes for jelly sandwiches - but after my Rainbow Honey bonanza, I'm taking a small break from glitter!  Here's each color with two coats.

Two coats of Frida
Two coats of Katherine
Two coats of Paloma
At two coats, my nails are looking more pigmented - but you can still see visible nail line.  Even though these are still pretty sheer at two coats, I found the formula to be very nice and non-streaky once you got past that first coat - and they're very GLOSSY, so they live up to the collection's name nicely.

Anyway, I wasn't quite satisfied with my manicures, and I wanted to try something else.  The sheerness of the Gloss collection reminded me of one of my favorite polishes - Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom.  I like to wear Bikini Bottom over a white jelly, so I hunted through the small collection of polishes I left behind me in the states.

Jackie Oh My by Essie is a white jelly - it's very much like Essie Marshmallow, but with a hidden shimmer.  I'm wearing two coats in this picture - it doesn't look very nice at two coats by itself (in my opinion) but I just needed a base for the Gloss polish.

I really like how using Jackie Oh My under these polishes turned out.

This is two coats of Frida over two coats of Jackie Oh My.  As you can see, Frida over white is very squishy looking and ultra shiny - the color pops, but also has a hint of milkiness.

I love how bright it is - and how the layers of sheer polishes add so much dimension to the manicure.

Frida is probably my favorite from the collection - no surprise there.  It's a great teal jelly.

This is two coats of Katherine over two coats of Jackie Oh My.  Over white, Katherine is brighter and shinier too - I think the beautiful, plum hue is really magnified with this layering technique.

All of these swatches are without topcoat, by the way - just so you know the shininess belongs to this polish alone, without any help.

I don't like the color of Katherine as much - I'm not sure why, I just don't think it goes with my skintone - but it is a great hue for fall and I don't have anything else like it in my collection.  Also, I think it is the streakiest and most "liquidy" of the Gloss polishes, making it slightly harder to work with.

Two coats of Paloma over two coats of JOM - again, much brighter and more opaque.  Paloma is so pigmented, it almost doesn't need the underwear, but I do believe it lends a certain something to the look.

 Paloma is so bright.  I love how cheerful it looks.

Paloma has the best formula of the three polishes, I think.  It's self-leveling, goes well with my skintone,  and the color is fantastic - a great pink to add to my decidedly pink-lacking polish collection.

So to sum things up, these are three very versatile and exciting colors from Zoya. I love the possibilities each polish has - from layering them over other colors to using them in jelly sandwiches to wearing them sheer, there are a lot of interesting looks that can be created with these colors.  I'll have fun playing with them this fall!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are gorgeous! They look so shiny! I've been looking for good jelly sandwich nail polishes and I think these are it! <3